About Ben Zvi Junior High


Ben Zvi Junior High has in total 24 classrooms and 805 Students. Among those classrooms, the school has 3 ASD classes and 3 science excellency classes. The rest are regular classes.

The School's staff finds personal excellency and potential fulfillment of every student an important goal for education and success.

Ben Zvi junior high staff is leading self-excellency and social involvement in different leadership groups and circles while setting a model of cooperation, teamwork and procurement of 21th century skills. Student leadership starts with class conversations and personal conversations about daily topics and issues.

Leadership in Ben Zvi is translated also outside of classroom walls into leadership groups in school: The student council, the "Mashazim" group, Global Generation project, Sports management group, Basketball team, School's Band School's radio, and also multicultural student exchange projects with other schools in Israel such as a Druze school in northern of Israel and a German school in Dreieich, Germany.

Our School is in the top of the chart in education in Israel and that's because of the high demand from both teachers and students for personal excellency. Our school teachers are also implementing new teaching techniques that are suitable to the 21th centaury that include teamwork, interactive lessons, online teaching etc.


ASD classrooms

Ben Zvi Junior High School has 3 ASD classes, one class in each grade (7th-9th).

Each classroom has 8 students with difficulties in communication, behavioral problems and social skills.

Each ASD classroom consists of an amazing staff of 2 Teachers and 2 Assistants. In addition, the classrooms are taken care by a verity of therapists such as a music therapy, Art therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapy and therapy by photography.

 Our ASD classes are also supported by the head of the ASD classes, counselor, psychologist, a support guide on behalf of the Ministry of Education and of course a weekly meeting with the school principal to monitor the progress of the goals that are set by the staff.

The curriculum of the students of the ASD classes is based on the core subjects which are studied in the regular classes and some other special classes such as cooking, seamanship, robotics and agriculture.

Each student of the ASD class is integrated in a regular classroom in some of the school subjects according to the student's ability. That means that each student has a unique schedule each day. The integration is not only scholastic but it is also social. The students are integrated in all of the social activities of school such as student council, school band, school ceremonies, field trips, going to the theater and more.

Integration of the students is helpful for the students as part of their future integration in society and for the students of the regular classes that are learning about diversity and tolerance.

Ben Zvi Junior High School forwards leadership and excellency as top values. We consider integration a part of a normal society and we educate our students to treat each student equally, no matter the differences.













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